“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Tanit Trails - Experimental Travel, Peru

    Flavours of Peru

    Dining in Peru is no less than an extraordinary experience. We believe that food is one of the most distinctive yet remarkable ways to understand Peru. Come join us in this unique way of exploring an exceptionally rich country.

  • Tanit Trails - Experimental Travel, Peru

    Alpaca Fiesta

    The world of Alpaca and Vicuña, fascinating culture, history, magnificent scenarios, exceptional gourmet food, remote Andean communities and much more will be part of this extraordinary travel experience, specially designed for Alpaca and Vicuña enthusiasts.

  • Tanit Trails - Experimental Travel, Peru

    Helen Hamann's Knitting Tour

    Specialized knitting workshops, ancient Peruvian Textile-art and its most important natural sources: Alpaca, Cotton and Vicuña; remote Andean knitting communities, exceptional gourmet food, and other fascinating topics shape this knitting experience leaded by Peruvian knitting-expert Helen Hamann.

  • Tanit Trails - Experimental Travel, Peru

    The Archaeologists Of The Incan Empire

    Come join this outstanding Experience, guided by renowned archaeologist Elias Mujica. Explore the recent discoveries about the Incan Empire, and the wealthy kingdoms of the MOCHE civilization, which are today rewriting the fundamentals of ancient Peruvian history.

  • Tanit Trails - Experimental Travel, Peru

    Qoylloriti Photography Experience

    The Photography Experience of a Lifetime!
    Come join us in this spiritual journey and build your own unique photo-story on Taytacha Qoylloriti, the Lord of Glittering Snow.

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